Monday, 27 January 2014

Baseball Heroes Hack

Best Hacks Of Baseball heroes using Cheat engine

About Game

Baseball Heroes® is an Online Sports Game created with a new concept of intense-action baseball on a social platform. Apart from all of the nerve-wrecking batting appearances, players can also enjoy being the manager of the team formed with their friends. Advancing from Rookie League to the Majors may be a bit challenging but as players develop new skills and compete one against another, they will start to gain more experience to become the best down the road. Get in the game and discover your inner baseball skills!

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Baseball Heroes Cheat - Teammates Average Hack

  1. First open the mozilla or google chrome then go to baseball heroes
  2. Then click playball
  3. Then click next
  4. Open Cheat.Engine.
  5. In cheat engine change the value type 4 bytes to Double
  6. Scan the your team mate avg. [ the teammate must be Facebook Friend] not bot player ]
  7. Then find some ******E0 and *****E8 and select them all then click the red arrow below.
  8. Change all value to 1 then freeze it.
  9. If you want all friend got 1 average then repeat the step 7 to 9.
  10. Enjoy


    -Browser [Tested with Firefox]
    1._ Open the game [BASEBALL HEROES]
    2._ Open Cheat Engine and select the navigation process> Choose: FlashPlayerPlugin_11_3_300_xxx.exe

    3._Cambiar "Value" to "string" [with cheat engine 6.2] or text [cheat engine 6.1 or above]
    4._Scan "strike"
    5._ Download all Address and click in "Red Arrow" so drop their ... 
    6._ Select all address as? = (CTRL A) and leave it at that, now return to the game ... [do not touch anything here] 
    7._ Entering the game , and select a riva l, when the game has loaded, are in the stadium and pitcher this by launch, return to Cheat Engine and change the value for ''Ball''

    8 Let set, and do nothing ... Normally will go to extra-inning win and there is that the game
    WARNING - IMPORTANT: After winning the game, not ... not go to the next game, must reload the game and start all over again. Otherwise, they will lose the next game and energy as if they had played, he lost because they can not be seen and shall charge the game and there they will see the detail story, at least that's what happened to me the times I tried it. 

    Coins And Credits Hack using Cheat engine

    1. Go to Baseball Heroes 
    2. Open Cheat Engine
    3. Select -plugin_container.exe(firefox) or 2nd FlashPlayerPlugin_11.exe |Google Chrome:
    4. Open and select the file that you have just downloaded from link above or simply double click the fileto lauch the scripts.
    5. Check all the box BELOW ACTIVE TAB!
    6. HAVE FUN!!!

    Don't get afraid send me the game of which you wants hack in the comment i will give you the working cheats of that game in very few time .

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