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Farm Ville 2 Hack

Best Cheats of Farm Ville 

About Game

Create your own thriving farm in a beautiful 3D world full of crops that bend in the breeze, adorable animals that roam around looking for feed, and friends that help your farm come to life. It is time to grow wild!

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Cheat FarmVille 2 Coins Hack

  1. Play FarmVille 2
  2. Start Cheat Engine 6.1
  3. Select a process to open 
  4. Choose second FlashPlayerPlugin_11 (for firefox) or 2 3rd or 4th chrome.exe (google chrome)
  5. Set the Value Type to 4 Bytes
  6. Scan 1000000
  7. Click the first address and then press Shift + left-click on the last address
  8. Click the red arrow
  9. Select all with Ctrl + A, then press ENTER
  10. Change the value to 1
  11. Buy the "HarvEstate Manor"
  12. New Scan 50000
  13. Select all address and click the red arrow then change all values to 500000
  14. Now sell your Harvestate Manor which is worth 500,000 Coins!

    1. Open Farmville 2 and Cheat engine
    2. Change Type Value to Double
    3. Scan 86400
    4. Change record Value to 1
    5. Harvest Hen house multiple times to find all exotic eggs. (and thousands of normal eggs)
    6. Trade the 5 exotic eggs for Exclusive Polish Silver Laced Chickens that give the red eggs
    7. Put as many PSL chickens that you want
    If you scan with 14400 and change value to 1 you can harvest your water wells forever

    Baby Bottle Cheat

    1. Open Firefox then start Farmville 2
    2. Open Cheat Engine 6.1
    3. Go to Cheat Engine search for FlashPlayerPlugin_xx_x_xxx_xxx.exe 
    4. Change VALUE TYPE ''4 Bytes'' to ''Text''
    5. On Farmville 2 Open up the shop and go to where the baby bottles are (Should be in the 'Consumables' tab)
    6. Scan for ''coins''
    7. Select all coins text 
    8. Change the value of ''coins'' into ''farm bucks''
            1. Buy all 3 packs till it say you reach 100!

    How to Cheat Silo and Water Well

    1. buy the shrub round under decoration worth 25
    2. put as many as you want in farm
    3. open Cheat Engine and scan "e_deco_shrub_round"
    4. drag all the result down and change it to e_building_well_l1 for well and e_building_silo_l1 for silo
    5. now go back to farm and store all the shrub
    6. refresh and look into your inventory they are now sitting pretty over there.

Buy Unlimited Silo

  1. Open Fv2 full load
  2. if u don't have Buy orange Tree 1 or 2 .. and give it water
  3. Open Cheat Engine 6.2 (CE)
  4. Change value type to string
  5. type text in value to = e_tree_fruit_orange
  6. change to = e_building_silo_l11
  7. back to ur farm.( ur Game).and buy Orange Tree
try to place.... if Not place... refesh game ..see what u get it

Farm Bucks Hack

  1. Open Fv2 full load
  2. Now open cheat engine and change value from 4 bytes to string or text
  3. Type coins and scan then change the value to farm bucks 
  4. Enjoy Buy any thing of cash free.

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