Monday, 27 January 2014

CoasterVille hacks and cheats

Best Hacks and cheats of Coaster ville using cheat engine
About Game
Bring back the thrills in the new game from Zynga! Design custom rollercoasters, build unique themed lands, and more. Watch your park guests come alive and react to your park designs in real time as you build the most thrilling theme park the world has ever seen—play CoasterVille!

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  1. Coins And Lifeguard Tower hack

      Play Pet Rescue Saga
    1. Start Cheat Engine 6.2 or any other version
    2. Select a process to open 
    3. Choose second FlashPlayerPlugin_11 (for Firefox) or 2 3rd or 4th chrome.exe (google chrome)
    4. Now change 4 bytes to array of bytes 
    5. Now first scan 44 47 31 32
    6. Double click the outcome or click the first address, hold shift and after that click the last address
    7. click the red arrow. Change all the values to 44 42 30 30 
    8. Choose the address, Hold Ctrl +A and then hit the Enter key.
    9. Store all Yellow Flowers afterwards, refresh the game.
    10. Yellow Flowers will be changed into Lifeguard Towers. Proceed to Inventory and then trade Lifeguard Towers. 
    11. If cheat has not functioned, refresh the game and achieve the steps again. For those who have already acquired Coasterville Cheat

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