Monday, 27 January 2014

Cheat Stick Run using Cheat Engine

Best Hacks And Cheats of Stick Run Using Cheat Engine

About Game

Run through a tricky high-speed-parkour.Gain experience, level up, style your player, upgrade items, challenge your friends, play multiplayer, and much more!

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Stick Run XP Cheat using Cheat Engine

  1. Go To Stick Run
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Selected your Browser
  4. Change The Value Type to Double
  5. Play Stick Run Click single player
  6. Scan your Score
  7. Play again and Increase your Score
  8. Then Scan Your Next Score (example your first score 12 and make it higher then 12.. 15 16 or 17)
  9. It will Appears 1 Address..
  10. Put it down and change the value to 5000 (Don't be greedy 5000 or less is your limit)
  11. Froze the Address ( tick the frozen  box,  the magnifying glass to your screen, next to the address on your Cheat Engine is a little checkbox. Tick it. )
  12. go play and see your exp up~

Cheat Tools:

Cheat Guide:

  1. Open fiddler
  2. Play singleplayer and earn atleast 1 coin, more=better then go back to menu
  3. Go back to fiddler and find /api/ 169
  4. Click it then hold shift and click Replay
  5. Put 1000, then wait until its done replaying. 1000 = Coins you got and multiplied. example; If you got 5 coins that will be 1000×5=5000 coins
  6. In order this to take effect, play singleplayer again and earn atleast 1 coin.
  7. Go back to menu and view coins & shop, Enjoy the Game!

Stick Run Score Cheat

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